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Booth of the Month

Our July vendor of the month is Doug Blackburn, the owner of 7Shadows Market in the basement of Eastbrook Flea Market! 7Shadows Market is where Gen X through Gen Z can share their fandoms. You can find incense, sage, posters, Funko Pops, Furry Bones, comics, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, action figures, anime and Marvel/DC memorabilia, pop culture gifts, Pokemon cards, and more when you stop by. 7Shadows market has been a part of Eastbrook Flea Market for over 7 years, since June of 2017, and Doug is an expert in incense and geekery alike!

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Doug can be found in his booth seven days a week, and he is always happy to help with any suggestions, recommendations, or questions! You can find 7Shadows Market online at and on all social media platforms (linked below!) We hope you will stop by soon and embrace your inner geek!

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