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Booth Rental Rates:

  • Basement and Mezzanine Floors: $1.85 per square foot

  • Main Floor: $2.15 per square foot

  • Base Rental Fee: $30 (included in rental quote)

Additional Deductions:

  • Special Events and Complimentary Treats for Customers: $7.50 deducted from your check on the 1st of the month.


  • Eastbrook Takes No Commission on Sales

  • 4% Credit Card Fee Deducted from Sales when Customers use a Credit Card to Pay at the Time of Purchase.

Rent Payment:

  • Due on the 1st of Each Month with a 5-Day Grace Period.

  • 10% Late Fee Assessed for Rent Received After the Due Date.

Vendor Payment:

  • Eastbrook Pays Vendors on the 1st and 15th of Each Month.

Requirements for Potential Vendors:

  • Must Have a Montgomery City Business License. A Business License can be Obtained at Montgomery City Hall after Renting the Booth or Online.

  • Must Sign a Rental Agreement.

Accepted Items:

  • Most Items are Acceptable at Eastbrook Flea Market and Antique Mall, though All Items are Subject to Owner's Approval.

  • Clothing is Restricted to Children's Clothing. 

  • Limit of 2-3 Pieces of Other Types of Clothing.

Whether you're looking to showcase your antiques and unique treasures or to sell what you create in your workshop, Eastbrook Flea Market and Antique Mall offers attractive booth rental rates and straightforward policies to support your business. Remember to adhere to the guidelines and reach out with any questions to ensure a smooth and successful vendor experience. With convenient vendor payments on the 1st and 15th of each month, Eastbrook aims to create a beneficial environment for both vendors and shoppers alike.

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