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Booth of the Month

Mr. Jim is down in the basement at his booth nearly every day that Eastbrook Flea Market is open. He will not only help you get great deals on even better albums, but if you take the time to sit and chat for a while, he can keep you entertained for hours with stories so unbelievable that you will be sure he made them up... That is, until you find out they were all true!


To read more from an interview with Jim Pruett from the Montgomery Advertiser, check out the link here. Or, stop by Eastbrook Flea Market & Antique Mall, make your way to the basement, and hear it all firsthand!

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Our March Booth of the Month is Vinyl Haven, Booth 91! Jim Pruett has been a staple of Eastbrook Flea Market for 20 years. He is well known not only for his huge collection of records, but also for his incredible stories. His father is the man to thank for bringing the Alabama National Fair to Montgomery, and Pruett himself has been instrumental in bringing in multiple other cultural successes to the city. An accomplished photographer to top it off, he has won over 25 awards for his work.

Check out Booth 91 Below!

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